Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The wet rickshaw ride


As I previously mentioned, I joined a few days ago the Chiang Mai Photo Walk with a few other photographers. Unfortunately the sky poured down on us for too long and we had to cancel the walk.

We found a shelter in a narrow street while waiting for the rain to end. It was fun to see people pass by, running, driving or just trying to get on with their normal routine, unaffected by the rain.

This year, Northern Thailand is subject to one of the worst droughts since years. It is currently monsoon season but the rain just doesn't seem to reach Chiang Mai, although the weather is overcast for weeks now.

And of course, it just HAD to rain for 4 hours non stop the ONLY day we decided to gather up and go out shooting! Oh Irony... Well, at least I hope it helped the surrounding fields a bit.

I nevertheless got a few nice shots of wet people, like this rickshaw driver, in his raincoat, going on with his job while the passenger just hides behind an umbrella.


Ziad said...

Dan! I absolutely love this shot! Very very nice composition and capture!

Ziad said...
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Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot Z!

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