Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Just another spiderweb shot I got on the Camino de Santiago. It was amazing how all these drops were captured by the webs like little diamonds.
I really do like the fog, it makes everything seem so quiet and peaceful, as if suddenly Nature went to sleep or held it's breath for a moment. Plus, nothing beats the smell of a forest after a foggy/rainy morning :)


Monday, December 14, 2009

Ride the Wave!


Just a little fun shot I did while visiting the beaches in north of the Netherlands. The wind shaped those little "sand waves" and I was lucky to find a little shell riding one of those waves.

It's funny how changing the lens on my camera changes my perspective and the look I have on the world. With the wide angle lens, I tend to look far to the horizon, seeking landscapes, buildings, dramatic scenes.. And while I have my macro lens on, I am looking down on the floor, seeking details, tiny stories in our daily lives.

Enjoy and let's surf! Hehehe.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009



While visiting the Eiffel tower again with a friend, I came across this monument at the end of the "Champs de Mars" (a big garden next to the tower), right in front of the military school that you see behind the monument on the photo.

It is a monument dedicated to Peace. It consists of 32 pillars with the word "peace" written in 32 different languages all over them.
I find it kind of ironic to have a peace monument right in front of a military school actually.

And just a little trivia for those interested: Do you know why that big garden is called "Champs de Mars" (field of mars)? No it has nothing to do with the planet.. It's because this area was used as a field to plant potatoes imported from the American continent. These potatoes were planted in the month Mars, hence the name. Yep... Before being a french icon, this area was a potato field :)

Bon appetit!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


There are 3 things in Life that make me automatically smile, return back to childhood and awesomely make my day:

1-Snowglobes (Beautiful ones and not stupid souvenirs).
2-Old Music boxes (With a beautiful tune, original, and not happy birthdays or Christmas songs).

I find something magical in these old wooden carousels. As if they had a spirit of their own. I almost sense it as an element right out of a fairy tale.
I could just stand there and watch it turn and turn with children laughing their hearts out, while the hypnotizing tune captures your soul to take you back to childhood... Weird isn't it!

So if you want to make me happy... You know what to offer for christmas!

Happy Merry-go-round!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Autumn Leaves


I want an end like autumn leaves
That gracefully depart the tree
A Life beyond the edge of branch
My season reached, a freedom's chance.

To drift upon a breeze refined
Descending toward my Life's design.
To welcome all these changes sown
From light received to splendor shown.

And when I've reached my place of rest
I hope my life, by then shines best.
As I depart this withered shell
With peaceful colors chosen well.

Photo taken in Paris, Jardin de Luxembourg .. Poem author unknown.
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