Sunday, July 18, 2010

Football's over!


So last week was the final match of the World Cup 2010 between Spain and the Netherlands.
It was an exciting tournament with many surprises and small teams reaching higher than the big old famous ones. I was rooting for the underdogs, preferably African countries (Go Ghana!).

I felt kind of bored seeing the same big billionaire teams winning all the time. Brasil, Italy, France, England, Argentina, Germany (although they played very well).. I wanted to see some change, new teams! Obviously I was happy when Spain won the cup!

So now that a week has passed, the world got back to its routine. Tears have dried, laughters have faded, vuvuzelas were put away and conversation topics have changed except maybe for Spain and S. Africa.

So I'd imagine this is what a football field looks like after some time has passed and people got into other things.
I caught this in Spain (what a coincidence) last year outside a tiny slumbering village. I suppose none of the players ever came from this village!

What about you? What were your thoughts about this World Cup 2010? Excited? Disappointed?


Dustin said...

One of my fave pictures of yours.

I watched a few of the games near the end of the world cup, but the last few were on too late, so I slept instead. Sleeping > World Cup for me.

Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot Dustin!

Yeah I missed most matches too as it was too late, I wanted to watch the final match though but.. had to catch a bus to BKK for a visa run so missed it too!

Oh well..

Ekua said...

Love this picture! My family is from Ghana, and although I was born in the States, I was rooting for Ghana the whole way. As you say, it's tiring to watch the same teams win over and over again. So their elimination was definitely disappointing. But I was abroad for most of the Cup and it was really cool to be surrounded by the energy of it and watching the games definitely added a great element to my trip!

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