Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thai Sunset [HDR]


What I really missed in my 20+ years living in the UAE are beautiful dramatic cloudy sunsets. There's an average of 5-6 cloudy days per year in the Emirates so I've had my share of blue bland boring skies.
Now that I am in Thailand, and it's rainy season, I often experience beautiful sunsets worth stopping and taking a shot of... if it's not pouring down of course.

I also haven't posted any HDR shots for ages too. Unlike the big flashy over-saturated I'm-on-acid-looking HDR photos many people seem to post, I prefer more subtle use of this technique to bring out contrasts in the photos. Some more will follow soon. Hope you enjoy!


Ekua said...

Lovely photo! I am traveling in Mexico during the rainy season and the skies have been amazing. But I have yet to see a sunset like that.

Daniel N. said...

Thanks Ekua!
Yes the skies have been amazingly beautiful here. Big puffy clouds and beautiful dramatic sunsets.
Good luck in Mexico!

GotPassport said...

I love this.. beautiful Dan!

Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot! Excited to meet you all again here in CM soon.


Chic said...

Magnifique! :)

Daniel N. said...


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