~ About Me ~


Born in 1978 in Lebanon during the Civil War, Daniel Nahabedian flees at an early age to the United Arab Emirates where he spends most of his youth. A “bookworm” since young, he reads mostly fantasy stories and reproduces the drawings which helps build his creativity and passion for Art.

In 1997, he travels to France to study Law and goes back to the UAE to work in the Human Resources field.

In 2007, out of pure envy and curiosity, he offers himself his first DSLR camera and discovers a new passion: Photography.

After months of reading and experimenting, he becomes a self taught amateur specializing mostly in landscape and Fine Art photography.

In May 2009, the Compostela pilgrimage helps him make a crucial decision: To follow his Passion, Creativity and Art.

Since then, Daniel left his cubicle job, packed his bag and camera and started traveling around the world, capturing moments and slices of Life to share with everyone.

His ultimate dream is to become a recognized professional Travel Photographer, able to touch people with visual stories.

He also thinks it's quite weird to talk about himself in the third person.

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