Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wadi Nakhr canyon


The Sultanate of Oman is truly a splendid country with a variety of landscapes from white sandy beaches, flat rocky deserts, to high mountains and even the famous Salalah, an area almost as green as Ireland.

Rising about 3050m above sea level, Jabal Shams (Mount of the Sun), part of the Jabal al Akhdar (the Green Mountain) range of mountains is one of the jewels of the country.

Located only 2 hours drive away from the capital Muscat, this impressive 600km stretch of mountains is home to some exciting activities like canyoning in the Snake Gorge (yes it is called Snake gorge because there are many snakes on land and in the water), trekking in the wadis or climbing up to the highest peak only to be greeted by the most beautiful canyon in the Arabian Gulf region: Wadi Nakhr (also known as the Grand Canyon of the Middle-East).
The area is only reachable after a long sinuous road and a trek up the mountain. This actually prevents it from being overcrowded with tourists. It is also a good opportunity to meet some local shepherds living in small villages vertiginously hanging on the cliffs.

Oman remains my favorite country in the Arabian Gulf region.


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Oman said...

I also like the journey along the bottom of the Wadi - very narrow , with the vast mountains looking down

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