Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunday Market Dance - Chiang Mai


Every Sunday starting around 4pm, the main street of the "Old city" in Chiang Mai (Th Ratchadamnoen) is closed to vehicles and a huge market is set up extending the entire length up to Wat Phra Singh until midnight.

Anything can be found in there, from clothing to music, souvenirs, hill-tribe products and of course.. Street Food!

I always notice this little girl in hill-tribe costume (I think from the Hmong tribe if not mistaken) dancing on the Sunday market as well as the Saturday walking market, since February!
It saddens me to see poor or visually impaired people and especially children being used for begging or tourist traps. Those young girls have their childhood stolen from them to be able to attract money and it can be felt in their sad eyes.

Unfortunately it's the same in most countries of the world.

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Ziad said...

I don't know how I missed this shot before. Nice compo! The only blemish is the slightly cluttered background. I love the movement and colours!

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