Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tiny Blue Mushroom


Imagine the scene:
You are walking on a forest path, you suddenly notice a guy wearing a straw hat embellished with feathers, a huge backpack on his shoulders, lying on his stomach in the grass and sticking his camera to the ground to take a photo... That's me.
People were curious and some stopped to ask what I was shooting. It was fun to see surprise in their eyes when I showed them to photo of this tiny mushroom I found.

I spent a good amount of time focusing on the ground, walking slowly to find those hidden tiny treasures to capture with my macro lens. This mushroom was about 2cm tall (less than an inch). Bugs, spiders, plants.. It was all worth rolling in the mud for these different shots.

And at least now my parents can't spank me for getting all dirty!

Do you mind getting all dirty to capture a beautiful shot?
And do you, by any chance, know what this type of mushroom is called? It was so small and fragile. Loved it!

1 comment:

Hany said...

Great shot Dan!
The mud and back pain did pay off in this one.
Did you try eating it? :D

Can't say I mind getting dirty to capture a shot. It's those hidden subjects or awkward situations that give us fantastic results to look at.
Keep it up!

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