Saturday, July 24, 2010

Child in a market - Photo Walk 2010


Today 24th of July was held the 3rd annual "Worldwide Photo Walk", a social photography event created by Scott Kelby where photographers get together in town, walk, shoot, socialize and have fun.
Although some parts of the world the walk hasn't started yet, more than 33000 photographers, amateurs and pros are expected in 1111 walks around the world (cool number!).

I participated in the Photo Walk in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Unfortunately, heavy rain spoiled our gathering and the event was canceled an hour after we met. We did have the opportunity to visit a local market though before the sky poured on us. We got separated in two groups to prevent people from panicking..
I mean.. Imagine yourself sitting in a corner peeling onions when suddenly 40 people point a huge camera and start clicking while the multiple flashes turn you to dust... Horrible!

I saw this little kid playing in a corner with his little top. He was very shy! Every time I pointed my camera, he looked down and tried to focus on his toy. Cute.

Overall it was a fun but short time. I am not really used to taking photos of people in the streets but being in a group made me feel a bit less shy and I saw how some photographers approached the merchants to have their shot.
Hope everyone else in the world has more luck than we did!

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