Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trespassing in Ireland


There is something about Monochrome HDR photos that makes it so special..

I went to Ireland in summer 2008 for my 30th birthday (Ireland + Iceland.. Best Bday ever so far). I found it  such a beautiful and magical island, so green, it's no exaggeration!
We hired a car to explore the west coast as much as we can in a short time (9 days) from Kilorglin's Puck Fair up to Sligo.
One of the most famous places on our way was the Cliffs of Moher, near the little town of Doolin!

An incredible place, but very very touristic... People actually had to pay to park and visit the cliffs!
No way!

We ended up driving through small villages trying to find a hidden path until we arrived at a locked gate. There was a huge empty land for sale surrounded by a fence and a small rocky wall with a big note : <>

Nobody was around to check so.. we climbed the gate, went through the muddy fields all the way down to the windy cliffs to take the shots away from tourists.
We also got to visit an abandoned medieval watchtower closed to the public (Not O'Brian tower).

I took this shot just before jumping the gate. I loved the gloomy and dramatic effect the HDR gave to it and  the clouds turned out excellent!

Well... if we didn't trespass.. We would have missed all the fun and the great shots!

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun" 
~ Katherine Hepburn ~

(The Photo of the day is posted earlier than usual today because I am going on a visa run to Malaysia so I won't be able to post anything tonight here in Thailand.. Cheers!).


Francois Cleroux said...

Nice shot there Daniel. Well done. Was it a true 5+ shot HDR or just a tonemap. Either way it looks great.

I have been ready a spectacular book on HDRI that is spectacular but a little on the technical side. I will be reviewing it soon. Will keep you posted. Agin, nice work.


Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot Francois,
No as it was shot handheld, it's 1 RAW shot which has been tonemapped of course :)

Am looking forward for the book review!

Ben said...

Lovely shot! Really nice composition..

Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot Ben!
Nice website you've got there too!

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