Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dance with the Clouds


I just love sky shots, and especially when there are clouds around (which is quite rare where I live).

After a long wait for dawn, the Skies rewarded me with this beautiful scenery just before sunrise. It was beautiful seeing those huge clouds just changing and dancing around while the rising sun was painting the whole scenery with an orange tint.

As it was quite dark still, I manually shot this at 1/6 sec, f/11 and ISO 100. I always try to keep my ISO as low as possible to avoid noise. The main subject are the clouds of course so I composed the picture with just a little ocean and mountain line to add some depth to the photo.
The photo was processed to adjust the curves/levels and add some very slight saturation to make the orange color pop out.

Looking at the scene, I imagined those clouds waltzing together in the immensity of the sky, with the slight breeze as their leading music. I closed my eyes for a while and joined them up there... hence the title ;)

I wish we had more cloudy days, not only is it better to shoot on overcast days, but it also gives excellent sky shots!

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