Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ocean forgot me


I think of all the photos I have, this is the one that made the most impact due to its title.

I love to shoot at dawn. While everyone is sleeping, Nature is slowly waking up and the colors are so beautiful. It's a moment of Peace.
I am always the only one awake when camping with friends, wandering around at dawn trying to capture whatever I can and taking advantage of the beautiful Light.

I was sitting on the beach, watching the sunrise and the ocean. It was low tide, the waves slowly backing up. I was looking at this little shell that was being carried back and forth with each wave, until it got stuck in the sand.
It was forgotten there by the Ocean.

I wanted to capture that feeling, being left behind. I lied down trying to avoid getting sand on my camera, and shot this at 1/25 sec, f/8, ISO 100. I wanted a good DoF and adjusted the exposure so to avoid blowing up the sky (I was facing the sun! tricky) but get a good exposure of the sand+shell. I also tried to pay attention to the composition: Placing the shell and the horizon according to the rule of thirds.
The photo was processed afterwards, contrast adjustment and slight HDR treatment.

The title was kind of obvious to me, depicting the feeling I had while watching that poor shell. I guess the title gave much more impact to the photo and made people react every time they saw it. This is why I always give a big importance to the names of my photos. I guess it wouldn't be as popular as it is if I called it "Shell on a beach at dawn".

What do you think?

1 comment:

Hankmann said...

Beautiful shot ! My favorite of all the ones on your site.

Very good work, you have a great eye.

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