Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heaven and Hell


It is beautiful how Mother Nature can reward us after a nice long hike in the mountains.
This photo was taken on the 14th of December 2007. We went hiking in the mountains of Oman (Musandam - Wadi El Bih) with a bunch of friends. It was pretty cloudy, even foggy while on top.
the hike went well and while the sun was setting down, we headed back to our cars. And this was our reward.

I shot this handheld on manual mode at 1/60 sec., f/18 and ISO 100. I slightly adjusted the contrast and saturated the colors on Photoshop afterwards to give it more impact.
When I first saw the scene, I loved the difference of colors between the horizon with the sun setting down, and the sky above still nice and blue with the white fluffy clouds.
I chose to shoot this vertically for composition's sake. The right and left side had more clouds and less color so I decided to focus on this part and split the photo in 2 parts.

The first name that came to me was: "Heaven and Hell". The top being nice and bright, with a lovely blue sky and white clouds, and the bottom being darker, with the harsh mountain horizon and warm colors.

What a beautiful way to finish a nice long walk!

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~Mary~ said...

Love the blog Daniel!! Love your work.

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