Friday, October 31, 2008

Against Time I stand


I have always been attracted by those lonely trees you find in the middle of the fields sometimes.
It's not often I see this kind of scenery in the UAE (ok, ok... never is a better word, there are no fields), so when visiting Ireland, I saw this lonely tree, I had to snap it!!

This was shot in Carrowmore, Ireland. We were straying off path checking out a few horses in the fields. I saw the tree on our way back, we were kind of rushing so I did not have the opportunity to take my time for the shot.

I shot it handheld, at 1/30 sec, f/8 and ISO 100. I suppose I should've chosen a faster shutterspeed because the sky turned out a little overblown behind the tree. Big mistake: I did not check my histogram..
Back home, I still wanted to save the shot! I turned it into a pseudo-hdr, tonemapped it a little and then decided to warm up the colors in PS. The "pinkish" color against the greenery gives it a nice mood. And the sky looks a little better than before! I also loved how the small details were showing on the tree thanks to the pseudo-hdr.

Before choosing my titles, if it is not obvious the moment I take the shot, I just put it full screen on my computer and stare at it a few minutes.. I let my emotions speak up. What Am I feeling looking at this shot?
I saw a lonely tree, standing there against time and weather. I kind of looked like an old survivor, with all the knots on the trunk and the way it was leaning a bit.

I wish it to survive many many years to come.

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