Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Vault ~ Reims


Notre-Dame de Paris might be the most famous cathedral in France, but I also am a big fan of the Notre- Dame de Reims cathedral in Reims, North-East of Paris, home of Champagne.

I first visited the cathedral on a cold Christmas Eve and got overwhelmed by the atmosphere. I felt so tiny next to those huge columns and I sat there listening to a children choir singing softly Christmas songs.

The vault is 38m high (125 feet) with no decoration. The austerity and the cold inside creates an intimidating atmosphere.
It is definitely a place I would go visit again and again.


Erica said...

Pictures like these never cease to amaze me. My camera sucks at low lighting situations but this looks beautiful. (P.S. Just got the Sigma 10-20 :))

Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot Erica!
Hope you'll have fun with your 10-20mm, I have the exact same lens and this shot was taken with it btw ;)


Yvonne Kirby said...

teas lovely Erick . i love to see more :)
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