Monday, August 2, 2010

Mae Tang Elephant Park ~ Chiang Mai


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit (for free!) an elephant park in Mae Tang, about an hour drive North of Chiang Mai.
I had never been to elephant parks yet in Thailand so I didn't really know what to expect. I had a great time with a few other photographers and we had free access to the whole program (plus a special baby elephant bathing show that tourists don't see).

We had been invited by the park to take photos which would later be used for fundraising to help the elephants' training. Many centers have been hit and had to close due to lack of tourists because of the last events in Bangkok.

PS: The elephant in the shot is not dead or hurt. Just lying on the ground to let the tourists ride it.


bessiejulia said...

Beautiful! Would love to get there.

Daniel N. said...

Thank you very much!

It is a fun place and the bamboo rafting afterwards is so relaxing.

Juno said...

Good that you add PS. I thought he/she is badly hurt.

Riding an elephant.. exotic. Aren't they really tall? Must be amazing! :)

Zooey said...

so're so lucky! :)

Ziad said...

Nice one Dan!

Liking the compo and choice of tones.

Would love to see more!

Did you go as part of a team of photogs?

Daniel N. said...

Thank you everyone!

Z: Yes it was part of a photography Club (the Chiang May Photo Club) so we had a full day of programs and access to the elephants free in exchange of some photos.

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