Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chiang Mai sunset panorama


This is a view from our balcony tonight in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A beautiful sunset behind the Doi Suthep mountain where one of the most famous temples of Northern Thailand is located.

We didn't have a nice sunset for a while here because of the rainy season. It was always overcast around this time. Tonight was special though, the sky was cloudy but it gave beautiful colors over the mountain.
I just love the view from our new apartment. It's even nicer from the rooftop, where the pool is located *wink wink*

You can click on the photo to have a larger view. Enjoy!


Bessie said...

Just lovely!

George said...


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sebi_2569 said...

nice blog;nice photo/ bravo

Daniel N. said...

Thank you very much sebi! But this blog is not updated anymore. Please visit my new website for new photos! CHeers!

Foto Clipping said...

wow! awesome!


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