Friday, June 18, 2010

Sidewalk Kitchen


This restaurant (The Green House) is one of my favorite on Rambuttri Rd, parallel to Khao San Rd. in Bangkok, Thailand.
As most restaurants in the area, it is open on the street and half the tables are actually on the sidewalk. In Thailand, sidewalks aren't used for walking. They are overtaken by street vendors and restaurants while pedestrians share the street with tuk-tuks, bikes and cars.
This mini kitchen is where the "Thai food" is prepared as it is less complicated to prepare than western food. I suppose they also have another one back inside where all the pasta/pizza/burgers/sandwiches and juices are prepared.
I was sitting not far from the cook and I couldn't resist taking a photo with the beautiful light from the setting sun.

And I ate well!


Chic said...

mmmmm foood! one of the best things i love about thailand :)

Daniel N. said...

Yes Thai food is really delicious, I enjoy it a lot! My favorite being Khao Soi!

Chic said...

yum yum yum so currylicious! i personally like their fried rice khao phad. wish i could go back to TH again ^_^

mukesh said...

Great shot!! I love Thai food, I enjoy it. Thanks for sharing us. Canvas Printing

Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot Mukesh!

Adam said...

Great picture. I could walk around Bangkok all day long checking out the different street vendors. Probably my favorite part of SE Asia.

Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot Adam! Yes I love walking around and checking street vendors. Many people seems scared and doubtful about the hygiene level of the food but hey, I've never been sick and it's so delicious! :)

Ziad said...

Dan! I love this shot! Very evocative. The colours and tones are just right. Keep 'em coming!

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