Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dubai Creek


Dubai is often associated with tall skyscrapers, modern architecture, crazy surreal projects and of course.. the Real Estate Crisis and bankruptcy.
But a lot of people who have never visited the UAE have never heard of the "old Dubai", the area around the creek, with low old buildings, a population of Asians (Pakistanis and Indians mostly), old taxi boats and huge souks (markets).
It's a part of Dubai I like, a part that reminds me of what the UAE used to be before the leaders went crazy with the petro-dollars.
I love walking in the old markets and actually being able to bargain with a merchant while he offers you a tchai (tea with milk) all in good humor, creating a connection that is missing in the gigantic modern malls scattered around the newest part of the city.
And once shopping is done, take a ride on a taxi boat while watching the sunset away from the abandoned half-started projects and all the superficial crazy hype of Dubai's "New Vision".

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