Wednesday, June 30, 2010



When I walked for the second time on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, I decided to take my time and  enjoy every step. I had all the time in the world.
One of my pleasures was to slow down in the forests and take macro B&W shots as I loved the strong shadows and the diffused light through the leaves. I had a lot of fun capturing macros of ferns. For this particular photo, I was so concentrated on trying to get a nice focused shot (I focus manually on macros) that I didn't realize I was stepping in poison ivy. Oh the rash!
I noticed that, when I decided to take specific kind of shots for the day (landscape, macro, B&W, portraits, etc..) the mind shifts and the eye filters only what I had wanted to see. If I needed to take landscapes, I would walk with my head high, eyes seeking far ahead. If I wanted to take B&W macro shots, I'd tend to walk slower, with my eyes focusing on the ground around me, trying to seek strong contrasts.

What are your thoughts? Do you sometimes plan "themed shots" per day? Do you see the same way when you do?


Erica said...

I do a 365 days self portrait project and I give you major kudos for trying to upload a picture a day. I always check back and really look forward to what you have to offer. I love the textures in this. :)

Daniel N. said...

Thank you very much Erica!
Yes it's not an easy thing to post a picture daily. I also have to plan in advance when I know I can't do it one day. Good luck for your 365 project too!

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