Monday, November 9, 2009



On a foggy morning, I encountered many beautiful spiderwebs covered with dew.

I began to wonder: Those little tiny spiders spend their time building these webs and it can be destroyed the next morning because of water droplets, just like a flood.
And yet... They still continue weaving a web the next day, and again, and again.. Because these spiders know their purpose. They know why they are here, they know that no matter what, they need to weave a web in order to capture their meal.

They do not sit and weep because their efforts have been destroyed, they do not give up.
We humans tend to give up too soon, too often. And we often ask ourselves: What is my purpose? I have to find my purpose..

"Do not look for your purpose.... Be it! "


julie said...


Cathey said...

I detest spiders and even I thought this was gorgeous (both photo and prose)...

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