Saturday, November 7, 2009



Barcelona is truly a beautiful city with an amazing atmosphere.
One of the places I loved is "Montjuic", the "Hill of the Jews". Located on a Hill in the city, it overlooks Barcelona in all its glory.
There is a beautiful fortress located on top of it (see pic) that served for many inglorious purposes during the war. It was a prison for political prisoners as well as the site of many shady executions.

Later it served as the site of the International Exposition in 1929. It also hosted the Spanish Grand Prix, an Olympic Stadium, a National Museum of Art de Catalunya, a botanical garden and a cemetery.

It's really a place to visit when in Barcelona, and chill in the many parks located there overlooking the city.



Zooey said...

What took me so long to discover your blog???? You're one amazing talent Dan. Going through your photos is like walking with you. I love your personal, honest and very rich insights. I want to thank you for giving an ounce of your self and share this wonderful odyssey. May you continue nurture that spiritual seed within yourself to find beauty and love in everything. Take care! -- Zooey

Nancy said...

Gorgeous photo. Beautiful use of light and textures!

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