Thursday, November 5, 2009

Morning Treasure


The most beautiful things in Life can be found right in front of us, at our feet. And yet, we insist on looking for beauty elsewhere, on the other side of the fence where we can hardly reach.

I spent a good few days of the Camino on the ground, focusing my attention on details, capturing little moments of life, of Nature. I left my wide angle lens in my bag and concentrated only on macro photography.

One of my favorite pastimes was taking photos of droplets hanging on spider webs or clovers.
Speaking of clovers, I heard a beautiful story on the way:
"Most people know what 4 leaf clovers represent: Luck. It is very hard to find and yet most people look for it. In Korea, 3-leaf clovers also represent Happiness! So... too many people spend their time looking for Luck while being surrounded by fields of happiness at their feet..." That leaves a lot to ponder! (Thanks a lot Eun Ju).

Enjoy the present moment, open your eyes, look for details and be happy.

"There is no way to Happiness... Happiness IS the way"

1 comment:

happyNabee said...

It's not only in Korea.

Also, we can not create our own Luck. But by our own efforts we can be Happy. I love this story.

You are absolutely great photographer and storyteller :)
I love your amazing works!!
If someday Daniel's photography exhibition opens, can you invite me??

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