Monday, May 3, 2010

Nature's awakening


There is a certain bliss in witnessing Nature waking up.

A chill autumn breeze was trying to scatter the thick morning mist. I had started walking before sunrise, my  finely decorated walking stick in hand and heavy backpack on my shoulders, guiding myself with a little headlamp trying to spot the flechas amarillas (yellow arrows) pointing the way to the city of Santiago, in Spain.
I started with a very slow pace to let my body warm up and avoid injuries and cramps. But the main reason was to let other pilgrims go ahead of me so I could enjoy the silence and stillness of the slumbering countryside.
I stopped for a moment next to a collapsed haystack, probably due to the wind and rain from earlier days. Camera in hand, I sat down next to the field, almost holding my breath, experiencing the peace interrupted from time to time by the sound of the shutter.

Nature was waking up..

Birds started to chirp, a frog croaked in a nearby pond. Animal sounds together with the breeze caressing the trees were composing a natural symphony that echoed through the fog.
The sun rising behind the hills painted the grayish mist with warm tints as it was hurriedly chased away by the breeze.
I couldn't help but close my eyes. The sounds of nature, the many scents magnified by the mist and the warmth of the rising sun awoke my senses as I stood there alone feeling connected.
Morning mist, fighting a desperate battle against the wind was already clearing up, revealing a cloudless blue sky, and the temperature was quickly rising. It was going to be one of those last hot sunny days before winter.

I heard the footsteps while packing up. With the warm colors, the sun rays through the fog and the silhouette of the person approaching, I had to stop and wait for a picture. I stood there by the path, took a few shots testing the exposure and waited. I expected another late pilgrim but it was an old villager on a morning walk of whom I managed to take a few shots before he reached me.
"Buen Camino peregrino" he shouted raising his cane and pointing west.
"Buen Dia" I replied politely before continuing on my way, leaving him behind to enjoy the quiet morning alone as I did.


Kirigalpoththa said...

I love this picture!

Poi said...

I would have to agree, that is a great shot.

Chic said...

I'm walkin' on sunshine...whoa,
I'm walkin' on sunshine...whoa,
I'm walkin' on sunshine...whoa, and it's time to feel good! :)

Daniel N. said...

Ha, thanks everyone! I'm glad you like :)

Dev Wijewardane said...

great shot. the composition is fantastic and the sun rays are perfect

Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot Dev for the comments!

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