Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Travel Secret Ebooks + Clean Water Charity Project

We all have our little secrets, tips or special places while traveling.

Months ago, Tripbase, the big online travel website, started a collaborative project with over 200 travel bloggers (I'm in too!) to gather 500 travel secrets and compile them into ebooks. From travel destinations, beaches, family travel to general tips, these books are available for free download!

But there's more to it than just sharing travel tips.

For every book downloaded, Tripbase will donate 1$ to provide clean water to people in developing nations.
The target is to provide 4 freshwater wells to provide drinking water to an entire school for 20 years.

Therefore, your help would be appreciated to make this campaign a huge success. Please follow the link below and download as many books as you want (there are 7 different) and help Tripbase accomplish their mission to provide fresh clean water.

I would also appreciate if you share this blog link to your friends so we could reach more people!

Thank you!

I've contributeddownloads
led by Tripbase

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