Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ma Guitare Bavarde

During my long walk in Spain, I slept in many hostels. They call it "Albergues" for pilgrims. One is only allowed to stay if he has the "pilgrim credential", a kind of a passport delivered at the start of your journey.
This one albergue was run by an old English couple. It had a huge garden which is a welcomed addition when you have walked all day under a bright sun, just to laze off and perfect your farmer's tan of course.
Fortunately, the albergue also had a few old guitars for pilgrims to play with. Although I cannot play any instrument, some of my friends with me could and were good at it! And there we were, sitting in that big garden, eating pasta and salad we prepared together and playing/singing under a beautiful blue sky and a perfect weather (ok, ok... It rained for a few minutes too.. BEFORE even we started singing).
It's these kind of moments together that touch me the most, bonding with travelers on their journey, behaving as if we knew each other for years..
This is the bliss of the traveler, the random encounters reminding us that we do live in a beautiful world with beautiful people after all!


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Wes said...

Lovely shot! I'm jealous of the great clouds and blue sky you've captured. I'm in Thailand at the moment and would trade my soul for a dramatic sky ;)

Daniel N. said...

Thanks Wes!
Actually, I am in Thailand too at the moment and I manage to get some nice dramatic skies too! Check out my photos of 2010, there a a few of them!

Guess I'm lucky! (Ok I also often have very crappy overblown skies..)

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