Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Lone Singer

One of my favorite bars in Chiang Mai, Thailand is "The Riva".
It's a Bar/Restaurant with different style live music every night. Usually it's packed with happy couples or groups of friends enjoying their drinks while the crazy bands play their tunes.
On a Wednesday night, I felt lonely in my hotel room and decided to go their to enjoy the music and socialize with some travelers. The band starts playing at 9pm, I arrived there at 8.45.. It was empty. I waited for the band, they came, they started playing.. the bar was still completely empty.. It was a funny feeling to be all alone in the whole bar, with a band playing just for you. I felt like a VIP! They played for an hour and I had the occasion to take a few portraits.
I hope you'll like it, as I am fairly a newbie in portrait shots.. I have to work on that hopefully soon :)


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