Sunday, April 18, 2010



Volcanoes are spreading havoc in the skies of Europe.
Protests, wars and violence are spreading like plague.
Earth shaking like a dog trying to get rid of the fleas.. Us.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you'd wish you were in a distant place, away from civilization, surrounded by forests and mountains, in the tiniest village, chatting with an old man on a bench about the beautiful weather. 
Just like this place in Spain, near Zubiri. 
I feel we are flooded by media focusing mainly on bad news. Yes there are bad things happening out there, but not always as bad as pictured. Sex sells? Bad News sells too. When's the last time you heard good news on TV?
Sometimes, a good way to keep your sanity is to unplug yourself from the "Media Flood". Too much information is just unhealthy.

So, go ahead. Disconnect, grab a few stuff and go spend a few days away from technology and horrible news. Remind yourself that there is more to this world than what we hear on TV/Internet/Radio. The World is gorgeous out there!


brandy bell said...

thanks for the reminder, Daniel. I agree completely. It's so hard to find that balance between informed and overwhelmed.
Thank you for bringing us good news & beauty today!

Daniel N. said...

Thanks a lot for the comment Brandy!
Yes it's not easy to find that balance, so sometimes it's just better to disconnect and resource yourself in an isolated beautiful place. That's what I like to do!

EUN JU said...

I thank you, too. This post brought cheer to me. I'll just turn off my cmputer and leave the office and go home and.. I'm going to play guitar!!!

Daniel N. said...

Thank you very much Eun Ju! You should!
You'll have to play a tune to me when I come visit you soon ;)

Sabina said...

Beautiful photos on a stand-out blog, Daniel! This really highlights your work much better than before. I look forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

i like your site's new interface :)

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