Monday, June 22, 2009

Back on track with some changes!

Hello everyone!

As I have mentionned in my last post a while ago, I went to walk on the Camino de Santiago (St. James path) in Spain for a full month. It was an amazing, thrilling and enlightening adventure and an incredible human experience. I could only advice anyone to do it, even small stretches as it is really a fantastic experience.

I will probably talk about it later, for now, I am still split with my body back "home" and my spirit still on the Camino.

Walking a full month made me realize also many things about myself and the direction I would like to have in my Life. I have taken a few "life-changing" decisions since my return and new goals are awaiting me on my new chosen path. This too I will talk about a bit later as soon as it all clears up in my head.

As for this blog, It has been inactive for quite some time and I apologize. Between my travels, and my unmotivated state (pre-Camino), I did not have the full strenght to post updates and talk about photography.
So after thinking a bit, I guess I will be changing the way I post in here:
From now on, I will be posting much more regularely (at least 4 times a week) new photos but I will not be writing long lenghty posts about the way I took the photo and how I worked on it.
Instead, I will just be posting short descriptions concerning the photo with useful information if any.
This will help me save some time and focus a bit more on my other projects which will be interesting to follow too!

But no worries, any question about the technique or technical details will be answered. I will still gladly share my knowledge with anyone who is willing to ask!

I am sorry for this sudden change but at least I would be updating more frequently.

Thank you all for following!


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