Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's get wet!


In summer 2008, I offered myself a trip to Ireland in order to celebrate my 30th birthday. A few friends joined me and we decided to visit the west coast of the island from Killorglin (attending the Puck Fair) to Sligo.

On one of the chilly days, with a storm lurking behind the mountains, we decided to stop and have a swim in the ocean.
We found a little path down to an empty beach north of Dingle before reaching O'Connor Pass.

The beach was empty, apart from a few solitary joggers. There was a very light rain and the huge clouds were rolling fast to strike us.
I walked around trying to find a nice spot for a shot. I found this fence surrounding a section of the beach. I just had time to test a few shots before the rain drops became bigger. I had to put my camera away.

I guess we had no choice but to get wet! Either swim or get caught in the storm.

Well, at least I got a cool shot!


MariesImages said...

This is a WONDERFUL shot! Great contrast in the sky & grass, perfect image for a B & W!
Glad you visited out Challenge blog, hopefully you will join in soon! ALL ARE WELCOME! Ü

Vicki said...

Daniel, this image is perfect for b/w conversion. The contrast in the photo make it really pop--and your photoshop work is excellent. Incredible image!

Daniel N. said...

Thank you very much both of you :)

I appreciate the support!

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