Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beach Gossip


I guess this has to be the only "People" photograph I have in my portfolio.

I am more a Nature / Landscape photographer but would love to try portraiture and people shots too.

So by now you should all know I live in a warm country where we can go camp all year long (except for summer, too hot). Many friends also like to come from abroad to visit us and take advantage of the weather!

One of our friends had 2 of her best friends coming over from the US. They reached the country at night. We directly picked them up from the airport and headed to the beach for camping, what a way to start a holiday! Funniest of all is that we reached the camping spot at Sunrise!!

It is not always easy to take well exposed shots during daytime, especially when the sun shines like crazy. I know the rule for well exposed shots which is f/16 and shutter= 1/ISO (If your ISO is 100, it's 1/100 sec) but I didn't know that by that time ;)

While my friends were talking together and catching up about the latest events, I sneaked behind without their knowledge and shot this at 1/250 sec, f/9 and ISO 100. I liked the way it was composed as it was not even intentional!
I processed the picture in PS just to add some contrast and adjust the colors, I also added a slight bright vignetting to put the focus on the center of the photo.

After I finished, It really looked like three old friends gossiping together on the beach, hence the title.

I just love candid shots!

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